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" Welcome to the UK site of Frontier Miniatures.
 UK Frontier Policy Changes
 Web Page:
 In order to better serve you
 FRONTIER MINIATURES is currently undergoing a change to a full time
 Internet Source, and consequently I strongly suggest you obtain access to
 the Net (Internet Cafes, Schools, Public Libraries or friends with
 computers) and the above Web page because it will tell you more and is
 The UK page has a built-in connection to the American page and from now on
 you may purchase any of Frontier's Miniatures (except the BP cast ones.).
 If you wish to order direct from America stop reading here as you now know
 all you need to know.
 If you wish to order from either the UK Page or the USA page you may e-mail
your stated address in about five days. (You MAY be charged VAT and Customs
 Duty and whilst this is very unlikely if it happens I will re-imburse you.
 (Simply send the Red Charge form to Frontier UK.)
 You may pay by Credit card over the Net or send a cheque or Postal order to
 the snail mail address below. (Please print your cc number clearly.)
 Frontier Miniatures 1 Sedgemere Grove, Shelfield, Walsall, W.Mids. WS4 1XE
 Send a large stamped addressed A4 envelope and £5.00 for a full paper copy
 of the entire Frontier catalogue and a 15mm and 25mm sample figure. (They
 will be a Boxer Rebellion and Zulu War figure.)
 £3.00s of your £5.00 will be refunded with your first order, which will be
 despatched as detailed above. You may pay by Cash, Postal Order, Cheque or
 Credit card. (Please print your cc number clearly.)
 Our telephone line is no longer operational and I am trying to give you all
 the information you need here in one place.
 NB If you do not see "Martian War Wagons" in the Catalogue it is because we
 do not do them. If it's not on the Net or in the Catalogue then Frontier
 doesn't do it.
 Postal address:
 Frontier Miniatures 1 Sedgemere Grove, Shelfield, Walsall, W.Mids. WS4 1XE
 Prices: -
15mm Inf.
24 @ £4.50
50 @ £8.50
100 @ £16.00
25mm Inf.
15 @ £8.00
  30 @ £15.00
 15mm Cav. 15 @ £5.50 25mm Cav. 10 @ £9.00
 15mm Guns 6 @ £7.50 25mm Guns 4 @ £11.00
 20mm Figs. 25 @ £8.00 20mm Figs. 50 @ £15.00
 Please add 10% P&P to the total price of the order, or on the first £80 of
 the order if the total price is greater. P&P is free after the first £80 of
The even better news is that this page contains alink to
the Frontier USA page, and Frontier UK can accept orders for anything IN
METAL that you see there. (Sorry, the books and BP Resin are not
commercially viable, right now, but that may change.) That's right, all
periods, all scales and all in about two weeks.
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Frontier UK Convention Calendar
 look for us in August at the: NATIONALS; Loughborough