UK Frontier Miniatures 
15mm War of 1812
Infantry: 50 figures w/cmds; £8.50
Cavalry:15 horse & rider; £5.50
Artillery; 6 guns, 24 crew; £7.50

WAR OF 1812
F15056 US Regular Infantry 1812 w/Cmd
F15057 US Regular Infantry 1814 w/Cmd
F15058 US Militia
F15059 US Artillery
F15060 US Mtd Dragoons & Militia w/Officers
F15061 US Marines & Sailors w/Cmd
F15062 US Naval Artillery
F15063 Jean Lafitte & Pirate Contingent
F15067 Pirate Artillery
F15064 British Infantry w/Cmd
F15065 British Light Inf; Highland Inf & Canadian Militia w/Cmds
F15066 Royal Marines & Sailors w/Cmd
F15175 Royal Navy Artillery